Sunday, August 5, 2012

There's a Monster on My Blog

Two weeks from Wednesday, that's all I have left. I don't quite feel that I had a summer really, better luck next year, right? I've got Kindergarten Screening all day Monday and Tuesday and then I've got to get into my room and get it set up....turns out, it doesn't just set it self up.

I keep blog stalking all of you and am seriously envious of the size of your classrooms. My room is sooooooo small. Here is a picture of it waaaay back when I first started. Keep in mind that this is a shot from the door.

There are doors in all four corners of my room, which cannot be blocked. It looks completely different now....more "cluttery" because I have a huge kidney table and a SmartBoard, which also, cannot be blocked. The computers and ginormous printer are not allowed to be moved, even an inch and suddenly you are pulled out of a team meeting on your third day and read the riot act about how you could ruin the equipment. I never did figure out how the computer general knew.

Here is a shot that was how I found the room, but it is taken from a different angle so you can see the right side.

See all those bins on top of the cabinets....well, no more. We can't store anything up there. And, while it may look like I have tons of storage, I don't. Picture that room with another gigantic table and 23 little bodies. Oh, with just that little fan in picture two keeping us from dying of heat exhaustion because only 3 of the windows open, really four open but then you may have to find a way to save the little hummingbirds that find their way in because there isn't a screen on window 4. By the end of the day we all smell like wet dogs.

I have no space. I need a bigger classroom. I am jealous of your spacious classrooms. I look at some of your rooms and think, "Oh my gravy, the kids can get out of their chairs without backing into someone else's chair." You lucky ducks.

I'm looking forward to getting in there though. I've got a new word wall, new numbers, labels, new fabric that will protect the entire school from a fire (lol)....we are making crate chairs....I've got my work cut out for me. All with a little Coop in tow. That should be fun, have I mentioned he has a thing against people? He doesn't really enjoy the company of well...anyone but me.
Just want to eat him up!

I've had some questions as to whether or not I will be selling my new frog decor. I want to print it all out and make sure it's all cute first. I will be printing it out either tomorrow or Tuesday, so I will know more then :0).

My new Monster Unit is ready to go and sometime next week, I will have my Thanksgiving unit done. Here are some pics of the Monster Unit....

Monster Literacy Summary Monster Math Summary

Have a great week!!! 

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