Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out in Space (with a little freebie)

Creating, creating, creating....that's what I've been up to. Yesterday, I think I spent 8 hours working on a new Monster Unit. I am loving it so far :0)

Anywho, while working yesterday, I was trying to find some background noise and I found the show Bunheads OnDemand. I loved the show Gilmore Girls, and Bunheads has the same feel to it. There I was creating away and next thing I knew I had watched SIX episodes....look away....nothing to see here, but a loser girl with a TV addiction. I guess it could have been worse, I could have sat for six hours watching Bravo. Who hasn't found themselves on a Saturday being sucked into those crazy housewives shows or a marathon of America's Next Top Model?

I put up my new Space Unit on TPT and TN. Here are some pictures...

This is the lengthy description...

Of course I have a little Space freebie for you :0) 
Take Me to Your Letter

I hope you can use it in your classroom. Happy Wednesday my friends!

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