Monday, August 20, 2012

Revamp 2012

My classroom revamp is going very well. It's been lots of work, but I definitely LOVE my new classroom. It's not completely done yet. Here are some of my new boards, hopefully the room will be done tomorrow!

Here is my word wall before.

Here is the after (although I don't have words up yet because I put them up as we learn them).
Putting that up was a PAIN, I now remember why I had the other one up so long!
A close up...

My new Focus Wall...

I LOVE it!!! I included all as much of the Common Core as I could. The plan is to talk with my Kinders on Monday about our goals for the week and refer to it throughout the week. On Friday's, we will talk about how we did and what we still need to work on. :0)

A close up...

I put magnetic tape on the back of my Ten Frame Number posters, so the kiddos can manipulate them. Thanks to Barb for that little nugget!

I use to keep my Table Groups in a pocket chart on the wall; however, the Smartboard resides there now. So, I put them on the dry erase board, as well. Thanks Pam!

Calendar Wall... missing the Partner Chart.

I love it all so far! I've still got some things to do. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you :0) I hope you are all either enjoying your time back with your students or enjoying the process of prepping as much as I am. I get to meet 22 smiling faces on Thursday, and I CAN'T wait!!!!

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