Monday, August 13, 2012

Chaos in the Classroom

Today was the first day back in my classroom, it was my futile attempt at several things...
1- Make it look like a classroom.
2- Revamp it

Fail. So, I haven't been shy about how things are going in my life, things ultimately have just fallen apart. I am not fishing for any woe is me, it is what it is. I am trying hard to find my way through some beyond murky waters. Anywho, I have very little control of my personal life, so it an attempt to have major control somewhere, I decided to redo my room and try to feel really good while I'm at school.

Clearly I have too many projects....personal things are causing my brain to lack the capacity to organize or at least complete more than one task to completion. I am in need of a life coach.

Here is my classroom my pigsty today.
From the door...straight across
From the door...diagonally

Opposite side of the room
You can see that my room is one HOT mess! And, holy cow, I could not get my mind together. I lacked focus :0) Hopefully, things will get better.

Guess what? The 7 coats of magnetic primer actually hold little letters. Worth it...probably not, but live it, learn it! I decided to paint my cabinets green. The green I chose seemed like a good choice at the time, I'm pretty sure you can see it from space ;-)


They were U.G.L.Y and chipped. So, last year I asked my principal if I could paint and she said yes! First I used magnetic primer on 4 of them. Then I painted them this crazy green...
Ohhlala...see the little magnetic letter :0)
Seriously, they are BRIGHT! I love 'em; however, I nearly got in trouble from our Scary Head Maintenance guy. Who said the problem is that it might be flammable and that now all the rooms aren't uniform. Scary. Truly, I am an avid rule follower. I was freaking. All worked out, here's the full pic.

That's pretty much all I got done. Then I flit, flit, flit, couldn't keep my eye on the prize at all. Speaking of prizes, here are all of my goodies that were awaiting me (please keep in mind that all of this is grant money and school purchases)...

Lakeshore ob.sess.ed

These are Smartboard Centers for my room and my partner in crime!

LOVE stickers and Carson Dellosa cutsie stuff.
More tomorrow, maybe :) Thanks for reading!

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