Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetry Journals: Making Them Matter (May Edition...Finally)

This has to be the loooooooongest week E.V.E.R! I am typing this on Tuesday...how can it only be Tuesday? I got the nicest comments and support from all of you and sincerely, I can't thank you enough. I preach to all of my friends constantly that "this too shall pass" and I know that I will get through this rough patch. Just need to keep praying :0) and reminding myself that it could be A LOT worse. I know that. I have a blessed life.

I don't know why it surprised me to have readers comment about the Common Core, but I was. I just read all those blogs out there and just assumed that I am the only person who is nervous. It comforts me to know that others are feeling the pressure, as well. 

I want to answer some of the questions that I received in response to my last post. 

Our school is adopting all the Common Core. For us, it means that everything that is a Common Core is a mastery skill expectation. 80% of all students will master each Common Core Standard. The new standards along with a Common Core Standards based report card are expected to be implemented at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Can I get a YIKES?!?

Our classrooms in Kindergarten are averaging 21-23 students. Most classrooms do not have an assistant. Assisted classrooms are determined by students that have IEP's. IE- one of the classrooms that has an assistant has three students with IEP's that require additional assistance. It varies from year to year.

Our program is "extended day"- students arrive 8AM and are dismissed at 1:30PM. They have gym for 1/2 hour-3 days per week, art for 1/2 hour-1 day per week, music for 1/2 hour- 1 day per week, computer lab for 35 minutes-1 day per week, library for 1/2 hour-1 day per week, and Learning Center for 1/2 hour-1 day per week. They have a 35 minute lunch/recess period. We have lots of specials :0)

I can't imagine getting all those standards mastered in only a 1/2 day program. Someone will have to let me know how that goes. God bless you!!

All right the questions are answered, onto something that many people have waited for....for too long. I am not sure what happened. I dropped the Poetry Journal ball. I have my poems all set for the remainder of the year. My themes include; Mother's Day, Insects, Frogs, and Bye Bye Butterfly (end of year). All I have are my new versions because I stunk at doing them in May previously. 

I am planning to create Smartboard versions of all my poems...soon. I promise. It's a promise I have to keep because it is part of my outline for presenting at the IL K conference next March. 

Hopefully, you will find something you can use. Thanks for all the love and hopefully this post finds you well. Enjoy the rest of your week!

All of my Poetry Journals can now be found on TPT, as well.

May There Always Be Sunshine The Fuzzy Caterpillar In the Pond Head Thorax Abdomen Good Bye Friends

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