Sunday, April 1, 2012

Keepin' it "Rural"

After "Cue the Banjos...We're Going to the Farm," I had a difficult time coming up with a title for this post. I've created a few more farm activities for my classroom. We do a HUGE unit that combines chicks and farms for the entire month of April. I LOVE it. Have I mentioned that I live, almost quite literally, in the middle of a cornfield? Our subdivision is new and we really thought there would be houses across the street but alas, the market changed and now all that you can see to the East of our house is cornfields. I like a good farm as much as the next guy, but by late summer I start to worry that I may see Malachi or an eery crop circle...either way I'm keeping my distance.

I totally ADORE my current schedule? I really feel that I have the best of both worlds. I'm tired as all get out by Friday afternoon, but I love being at home a few days and being in the classroom a few days. I am sooooo scared of next year, I will have to go back to reality and work five days. I guess I just shouldn't think about it.

Anywho, chick season is upon me. We get our eggs on Tuesday. I ended up with a good hatch last year, so I am hopeful. Chick season inevitably becomes high stress for me. First the kiddos end up being so excited that it is difficult to keep teaching. And, second I am always fearful that I won't have any hatch or that the ones that do hatch will end up "not right" or worse....eventually dead. There is nothing worse than A-walking into your room in the morning and finding one dead or B-having one die in the middle of the day. The kids love doing the unit and it's really educational and fun, except when it's not. I will let you know what happens :0)

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Here are some of the newest things I've got going. I hope you find some things to use in your classroom. As always, I truly appreciate all the love you send my way!!! If you download, please take a few seconds and leave a comment :0)  Have a wonderful week!!


Literacy Goodies
Farm Sight Word Color by Code Farm Frenzy Rhyming ABC Order Chick Worksheet On the Farm-At the Zoo Sort Math Goodies Base Ten Teen Number Match-Up Numbers to Crow About Worksheet Find the Sheep Sequencing Numbers Center Farm Friend Squeeze Chicky Ten Frame Match Up How Many Chicks Ten Frame Worksheet Cow Puzzle 10-1 Pig Puzzle 10-19 Barnyard Adding

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