Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hoppy Spring!

I now have a Facebook page. I would love to see your smiling face there...hint, hint. :0)

Two things that I am shocked by: 1- I have just over 1000 followers! Holy Guacamole!!! All the kind comments, Pinterest love, and emails leave me humbled. Thank you so much. And, 2- I cannot believe how unbelievably warm it has been here in Illinois. I am loving it!! Although to be quite honest, it will have me living in fear of late summer. If it is in the 80's in March, what will my oven classroom be like in August? Oh well, we'll all just smell like wet dogs together, I guess.

So, I have been crazy with getting myself familiar with the new common core standards. Is anyone else a little shocked by some of them? Well, I am. How can I expect a five year old who comes to Kindergarten with no number sense to add and subtract "fluently" within five? I am not saying that all of the new standards are impossible but some of them definitely pose a challenge. I was completely surprised that counting by 5's and coin recognition are no longer mastery skills. Overall, it doesn't matter...I am go with the flow. I am an avid rule follower, so I will make the necessary adjustments and "teach like my hair is on fire".

I've been working like a busy bee, creating some new Spring materials. I keep getting the question from people, "how do you find the time". Well, let me tell you, I am off four days per week and Coop averages 3-4 hours of nap per day and a girl can only clean so much. Creating materials and blogging are therapeutic and truly make me feel good.

Here is a little hodge podge of things that I've created for the upcoming weeks. As always, thanks so much for the emails and comments, I always appreciate it! I hope you find a little something you can use and I hope I don't make your computer crash ;-) Have a wonderful Friday!!!


Literacy Goods
I Have Who Has Bird Edition (Nonsense Words)

For the Birds NSW Fluency Worksheet

Flower Power Picture to Word Match Up

Spring Stamp a Word

Spring Syllable Sort

Spring Syllables Worksheet

Flower Power Ending Sounds Dice Toss

Flower Power Ending Sounds Dice Toss Worksheet

Spring Training Word Family Matching

Math Goods
Bunny Ten Frame Match Up

Counting Carrots Ten Frame Worksheet

Spring Counting Cards

What Comes Next Spring Worksheet

Spring Comparing Sets Center

Spring Comparing Sets Sort

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