Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well, my first week back was in a word...tiring! It felt good to be back with my Kinder-Hoppers and just working three days of week really does give me the best of both worlds, but Holy Guacamole, this girl was T.I.R.E.D. by about 1PM everyday. I seriously felt like I was go! go! go! and then SLAM! right into a wall. I am excited to dive back into things with my kids; however...

Twas the week before Spring Break and all through the school,
Not a student was sitting and it seemed no one knew a single rule.

Let's be honest, this week is a bust. Tuesday is an Institute Day because of voting in the building and Friday is VIP Day (formerly known as Grandparents Day). We need to finish up our Ocean Unit, but this teacher is just not feeling it. I missed virtually the entire unit so what's a teacher to do? PIRATES! It ties loosely into Ocean right?

When I told the teacher next partner in crime...we were going to do some pirate things to jazz up this week, she said "I haven't heard too many good stories about pirates, lately." Hehehe....We're doing cute Pirate stuff. We aren't really going to talk about all the horrible pirate things, silly girl! 

I don't have a ton of stuff for pirates, just enough to do as Babbling Abby says and "bring sexy back". I used some Scholastic points and ordered a few books to add to me collection....
Pirates Go to School How I Became a PiratePirate Pete's Talk Like a PiratePirate PetePirates Don't Change DiapersPirates Don't Take Baths

I don't have a ton to offer because I kind of threw this all together late Wednesday night and then didn't go back to it until tonight because it has been crazy warm here in the Chicago subs. Coop deserved a walk or two or three!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thanks so much for all the emails and love! Hope you find something you can use in your classroom. If you download, please be sure to leave a comment :0)


Argh! Here's yer booty!

Treasure vs Fools Gold Word Sort

Treasure vs Fools Gold Words Worksheet

Roll Say Keep Pirate Edition

Picture and Word Memory Pirate Edition

Do You Like Pirates Graph

I Have Who Has Pirate Edition

Pirate Patterns

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