Friday, August 12, 2011

Letters, Forms, Packets, and Behavior...oh, my!

I will finally be able to get into my classroom next week and then we begin August 23rd. I haven't changed much of my documents, but I thought I would share them with anyone who just wanted to take a peek!

This is my welcome letter. I know it looks pretty plain but that's because I print it out on cute computer paper. Our first day of school is actually an Orientation Day. Parents and students come with all their supplies (which I have them sort into boxes in the hallway) and then we go over the curriculum and the in's and out's of our room. Lots and lots of questions!!!

All documents contain fonts that are copyright DJ Inkers. Virtually all documents contain graphics that are copyright DJ Inkers. They are used with permission. Please visit, for wonderful clipart and fonts.
Kindergarten Orientation Letter 2011

The ABC's of Room 17 has been greatly condensed! Our school had us take out all the information that is in the School Handbook...makes sense, right? 
ABC's of Room 17

OK, if this format of the Parent Volunteer Form is yours, please let me know and I will most certainly give you credit. I saved it in my Google Doc's and can't remember for the life of me who I got it from. Anywho, I just tweaked it so it fit my classroom.
Parent Volunteer Form

One thing that I tell EVERY new teacher is this little orders for the first month are a MUST. Why, you ask...because the first order gives you the most bang for your buck. You can really rack up points to be used later on with that first order. I spend a good amount of time practically begging parents to buy $10 worth of books with that order. I tell them EXACTLY how many points we will get and what those points can buy. I tell them they can save the books for a gift later on :)

It has never failed me. My first order of the year has never been under $200. I've gotten a listening center, hundreds of books, and TONS of literacy/math center items. Of course, every order after the first is usually less than $20, but I won't complain!
Book Order Letter

I've seen this Behavior Clip Chart all over the blogosphere! After much thinking, I decided I would give it a go! I tweaked it a bit to fit my room, and I am praying that I love it as much as everyone says I will. Here is my chart.
This is the explanation that I am giving out to parents. Yes, as you can see, I am giving rewards. I kept on thinking that it just stinks that those kids who move up don't get anything other than recognition. So, anyway you can read the chart to see what they get for rewards and consequences. My Kinder-Hoppers that make it to the top will receive a sticker on their clip...first red, then orange, yellow, and so forth. When they have all the colors of the rainbow on their clip, it will be retired to the top and they will get a new jazzy one. **My jazzy ones were nicely dyed clips and then I sprayed them with silver glitter and now they are more ghetto than jazzy, so I am rethinking what to do about it.
Behavior Clip Chart Explanation

My students each have a green, plastic folder (F.R.O.G folder) that they take home each night. I staple a behavior calendar on the left side. Students color their folder at the end of each day with the color they ended their day on. The students that make it to the top will be able to color the corresponding square in rainbow colors. I am fairly certain I am going to cut the actual table description of the chart and tape it behind the behavior calendar so parents can reference it.
2011-2012 Behavior Calendars

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