Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little of this and a Whole Lotta That!

YOWZA, This was a CrAzY busy week! The first week back is always hectic and normally, I relish in it; however, it has just been exhausting. I found out on Tuesday that I would have my first student teacher. Believe me, I am so excited to be cooperating teacher. My student teaching experience was...well, let's just describe it as less than ideal. So, I am excited to be able to share, share, share!!! By Friday, I realized that hosting a student teacher is a positive and rewarding experience and it's also work, lol. The week felt longer because HOLY hot! Our school is not air conditioned AND the best classroom has 4 windows total that face a courtyard! I'm feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

What has truly impacted my temperature and exhaustion level is.....wait for it....I am pregnant! For anyone who has read my blog from the beginning you know that having a family has been something I have wanted for a looooong time. We have been trying for three years and experienced a heartbreaking loss last September. We used fertility drugs and underwent to fertility treatments (IUI). We found out in April that it had worked! While we were incredibly excited, we were very scared! We waited until I was 23 weeks to even announce it. I have been scared to even let the parents of my kiddos know because they just met me and have no idea that I will do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure the great Kindergarten experience that their child deserves. I owe so many of you many thanks for all the emails and prayers over the last months. You all have been an incredible support to me!

Now on to some school stuff...I have meant to take pictures of my room and bulletin boards, but atlas, I didn't! I thought I would upload a few documents that I use for anyone who wants to see.

Hope there is something that you can use! Have a wonderful week! Don't forget to leave some love if you download!

All documents contain fonts that are copyright DJ Inkers. Virtually all documents contain graphics that are copyright DJ Inkers. They are used with permission. Please visit, for wonderful clipart and fonts.

Here is the newsletter format I use, I create it in PowerPoint because I am a P.P. junkie!
August 29 2011

Here are my lesson plans for the week of August 29. It's not quite in the normal format because we don't have all our specials yet, all components of the curriculum don't start yet, and because I don't start teaching centers for a little bit...I like to give my new kids time to adjust to the hectic pace of Kindergarten. This is one of the few things I do in Word. It looks fancy, but it's just tables. I split and merge cells, just takes practice!
Week of August 29 - September 2

Here is my crazy pacing guide for the year. I print it out on 11x17 paper and use it as my desk calendar, which is actually always covered in piles! Again, created in PowerPoint. You can see that all my poems aren't on it yet...that's because our theme order changes based on field trips and special events that aren't always in my control.
My 2011-2012 Pacing Guide

Here is the Language Arts Assessment that I use.
My Language Arts Assessment Chart

Two little Pete the Cat Goodies for you...
The first is a little book that is a bit goofy...before you send me emails that say "Pete's shoes wouldn't turn yellow if he walked in bananas"...I know this. The book is to help teach colors and is fun!
Pete Loves Colors Book

The second upload is an idea from Leslie Bjelde! Leslie has been so generous in sharing materials with me! This is a school tour book. I needed to save on colored ink, so I had to make my own version. The first and last pages are copied on white card stock. The rest of the pages are copied on colored cardstock that corresponds with the color of shoe that Pete lost. I copy the large shoes on colored cardstock, as well.
Pete the Cat School Tour Book

Coming Soon...Spider Unit!

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