Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lucky Hoppenings

I must say I have gotten some of the nicest emails and comments over the last few weeks. It makes me feel so good to hear that people are finding my blog useful! I truly enjoy making new things for my room and it keeps my mind off of the miscarriage I had in October and the stress and heartache of fertility difficulties. I believe it is very important to practice what I preach on a daily share. I love to share, and I love people that share! Many of you have expressed your appreciation....and it has meant a lot to me. I think sometimes, people just forget that others like to hear two simple words....thank you! So, thank you for reading!

I know we are a few weeks away from St. Patrick's Day, but I can't resist...I LOVE it! With a name like Shannon, how could I not love it? I've got to be honest...I create utter chaos the couple days before St. Patrick's Day. We have a leprechaun that enjoys playing tricks on us! Room 17 is filled with excitement, and I love all the giggles and speculation.



    Jack and the Leprechaun - Patrick's Day Books for KidsJamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato - Patrick's Day Books for KidsHooray for St. Patrick's Day! - Patrick's Day Books for Kids

Literacy Activities

The Earth Words vs Alien Words Rainbow Sort helps students blend actual words and nonsense words. It's not teaching to the test, it's practicing a skill to help them be successful readers!
Earth Words vs Alien Words Rainbow Sort

St. Patricks Day Building Words Mats

St. Patricks Day Sight Words

Math Activities
St. Patricks Day Number Go Fish

St. Patrick's Day Adding and Code

For the Fill Your Pot Game...use a paper fastener and a paperclip. I bought little gold stones for the students to use to fill their pot. I tweaked an idea that came from....well I can't remember. I thought it was from Krazy for Kindergarten or Mrs. Kimbrell's Kindergarten but it didn't. Anyway, it was a game that students could build a chimney...I tweaked it by adding a spinner and changed up the template design. If the original came from you...let me know :-)
Fill your pot of gold Spinner Game

St. Patrick's Day Patterns

Counting by Fives Shamrocks

Graphing Lucky Charms

For St. Patrick's Day, we make these in.cred.ible rainbows! They are a HUGE undertaking and lots of work, but they turn out beautiful. To make...put shaving cream on a flat surface in the shape of a rainbow. Students use Liquid Watercolor from
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It isn't necessary to use this specific paint, you can use tempera paint that has be watered down or food coloring. However, the Liquid Watercolors line of paints is awesome! It is great for general painting, coloring playdough,  refillable Bingo Dabbers or sprayers...lots of stuff! Back to the technique...Students drip paint on their shaving cream, then gently swirl the paint using the end of a tongue depressor. Then take white construction paper and gently press it to the shaving cream. Use the edge of a tongue depressor to scrape off the shaving cream....this is what it leaves behind....

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