Monday, January 31, 2011

Write the Room

Write the room is a favorite center in my classroom. It gives students the opportunity to move around, use an array of props, gives them the opportunity to interact with text found within our classroom, challenges their hand-eye coordination, and practice handwriting.

Students use a clipboard and may choose to use colored pencils, regular pencils, or markers. I also have a variety of props they can choose from including; hats and glasses. I try to stick with foam hats to make them easy to clean. I can usually find them cheap at Michaels. I buy glasses from the Dollar Tree and pop out the lenses.

I try to change up my Write the Room sheets throughout the year to keep my Kinder-Hoppers challenged. I usually begin with simple sheets that have lines and progress through the year. If you go to my first Work Centers post, you can find my Write the Room sheets that are for the beginning of the year, as well as, thematic ones. 

Here are the sheets that keep students focused on beginning letter and sheets that have students searching for words that don't have a certain letter.

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Beginning Letter Write the Room Sheets

Missing Letter Write the Room Sheets

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