Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love Hoppens!

How can we resist doing a love unit? I think it brings my kids together. We talk about things that things we love and why we love them and before we know it, we have lists of things that make us similar!

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Books We Love...

Literacy Activities
Valentine Blending Matching Game was designed for students to practice blending sounds into simple words and then finding the picture that matching the word. I included a few more difficult sounds that correspond to Jolly Phonics.
Valentine Blending Matching Game

Sight Word Find Worksheet. My students LOVE these!! I have to put it on a transparency the first couple of times they work on these.
Sight Word Find
Valentine Guess Who?
Valentine Guess Who

A simple book...
I love book

A class book...
We Love Class Book

Math Activities
Valentine Adding Worksheet

Love is in the Air Missing Teen Number Worksheet

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