Friday, January 20, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The answer to this or any other sports related question for me I am not a sports kind of girl. My time could be much better spent shopping, reading, feeding my Pinterest addiction, catching up with the Real Housewives...really anything. I will cheer on the Chicago teams, but really, sports are not my thang. When I was trying to come up with something to post, I was at a loss, but then I remembered that the Superbowl is coming is coming up right? I didn't miss it? No, I couldn't have missed it. Coop has me restricted to the couch, so the TV is on waaaaay too much. Seriously, my behind gets sore...he just doesn't let me put him down without screaming. Either my ears bleed from his screaming or my eyes bleed from all the crap on TV. I choose the TV.

My little guy took two mini naps which afforded me some time to whip up this post along with just a few downloads for you. I am enjoying being with my Coopaloop, but I do miss creating, posting, and teaching. I ordered a clearance djinkers CD, so hopefully it will inspire some new creations...we'll see. I also started a new blog about being a new Mommy.... It's got the story of Coops name, new Mommy products, and just my story right now.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading, and as always, I love all the comments!

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The Goods
ABC Footballs

Spin, Graph, And Tally Sports

Sports Spinner

This next one has three different levels, so be sure to scroll through it.
Words to Cheer About Worksheet

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