Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Love I Never Knew...(non school related)

Oh, my goodness! The last week has literally flown by. My little fella is FINALLY here! Here is my story of labor and delivery...

On Monday, December 12th, I went in to be induced at 8AM. The doctor and nurses all said they would be surprised if I were still pregnant at 5PM. The baby was really low, I was 3cm, and 90% effaced. They started my Pitocin drip at 9AM. The doctor had told me he would break my water early, well I started to get ansy around 2:30 because nothing was happening. I wasn't progressing at all. 

I started having pretty bad back labor around 5 and asked for my epidural. Finally, around 6:30PM, the doctor broke my water. It was then that I realized that the epidural hadn't worked. I labored on slowly until 9. Around 9:30, they took out my epidural and gave me a new one. The new one just took off the edge, but they had to keep dosing me every 20minutes...I'll be honest, it was not fun!

I started to worry that I would end up needing a C-Section sometime after midnight. Things finally started progressing after 2AM. After an hour and 21 minutes of pushing and tearing :(....I had my little miracle in my arms. I remember just repeating, "I want him, I want him." All "goopy" and all. Nothing else in the world mattered and everyone and everything thing simply disappeared.

Cooper Daniel
21 1/2 inches
Perfection in a tiny package :0)

It is a love that I never knew before. He is this amazing little person that I literally can stare at for hours on end. All the pain of 2010, all the difficulties with getting pregnant, all the crazy drugs and procedures, all 225 (give or take) days of throwing up....ALL worth it!! I love him more than I have ever loved. I am truly blessed with the best Christmas gift EVER!!!

Here are some pictures...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah. May the New Year bring you joy and happiness!

Love to you and yours,
Shannon and Baby Cooper

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