Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goin' Buggy!

The last week has been terribly hard for me. It was the week my life was suppose to change, the week I've been dreaming about for years...the week our first born was due. I can't quite explain how difficult it has been. It took us soooo long to get there and then, without was gone. I haven't wanted to blog, I haven't wanted to do anything but run from May 2nd. 

And, yet, here I am. I am forcing myself to do the things that give me comfort and that keep me busy because if I let myself sink into the thoughts, I find it difficult to pull myself back up. There are many things in my life that I am ever so grateful for, my family, my friends, my home, my wonderful job, and those smiling faces that love me. 

I haven't done a bug unit in many years, so I didn't have very many things that didn't come from old Mailbox or Teacher's Helpers. The materials have been created because I needed a distraction and because I love to create new things to share. For me, there is no need to discount for Teacher Appreciation, it is all free for you to use. I hope that perhaps I may inspire you to do the same...share, for we are all better because of it.

When God created teachers, 
He gave us special friends 
To help us understand His world 
And truly comprehend 
The beauty and the wonder 
Of everything we see, 
And become a better person 
With each discovery. 
When God created teachers, 
He gave us special guides 
To show us ways in which to grow 
So we can all decide 
How to live and how to do 
What's right instead of wrong, 
To lead us so that we can lead 
And learn how to be strong. 
Why God created teachers, 
In His wisdom and His grace, 
Was to help us learn to make our world 
A better, wiser place. 

I hope you find things that you can use! As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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Books to support learning
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Literacy Goods
These cards can be used for memory or Go Fish.
Ladybug Sight Word Memory

Ladybug Journal Page

My kids now LOVE sorting Earth Words and Alien Words. They have gotten really good at it, so I decided not to create the traditional CVC words.
Earth Words vs Alien Words Bug Sort

The Little Grasshopper Hops is a book for positional words. To create: Make a copy of the book for each student. Give each student one strip of grasshoppers (at the end of the document). Students color, cut, and glue a grasshopper to each page.
Little Grasshopper Hops

The Going Buggy is another Real/Nonsense Word Activity to be completed after the Earth Words and Alien Word sort activity.
Going Buggy Worksheet

Insect Jounal

I plan on using the Word Family Sort during small group instruction, as well as, during center time.
Bee Word Family Sort

My kids love the games that I've made from! I had a spring version of it called Crazy Carrots and it was quite a hit!
Beautiful Butterflies Game

Math Goods
The Ant Cards will be used as a whole group activity and then added to a thematic bin that is used during center time for additional practice.
Ants 2x2 Practice Cards

The Ants Worksheet corresponds to the center cards. It can be used as an activity after they practice or as a way to evaluate instruction.
Ants 2x2 Worksheet

I made two copies of these cards so students can practice making patterns.
Insect Pattern Cards

The plan on enlarging the recording sheet onto 11x17 paper and having students glue it to 12x18. Then students will record the patterns that they created using the cards above during center time.
Insect Patterns Recording Sheet

The spinner for this game is the second document. The goal is for students to collect a specified number of bugs in their jar (you can decide how many). You will need to copy a jar for each student OR you can use little plastic bug jars. I plan on using the jar mat with small bug erasers for the actual game pieces.
Catching Bugs Game

Counting by 5's Center Cards. I usually velcro the back and add them to the flannel board center.
Counting by 5's to 100 Center Cards (Caterpillars and Butterflies)

I've included both sets of 50 and to 100. Students color, cut, and glue them in order to a sentence strip or a long strip of construction paper.
Counting by 5's to 50 (Caterpillars and Butterfly)

Counting by 5's to 100 (Caterpillars and Butterfly)

Insect Spinner

Spin, Graph, And Tally Insects

Here is a Number Bingo game. I like to give students a copy of the numbers so they can cross them off as they write them on their mat. In previous years, I used junior mints as markers to resemble ladybug spots.
Ladybug Bingo Mat

Science Goods
We are going to use these cards as a whole group on the flannel board. I will then add them to a center bin for students to practice with.
Insect Sort Color Cards

Students use these cards along with a piece of 12x18 construction paper. I have them fold the construction paper in half and draw a dark line on the crease. Then they color, cut, sort, and glue the pictures.
Insect Sort Student Copy

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