Saturday, April 16, 2011

Splishin' and a-Splashin'

WoW, it has been a looooong week! I have been busy and exhausted with life in general, I apologize for not posting anything in a bit!

We will be doing our Ocean Unit towards the end of the year but I thought I could post what I have and maybe have another post with other things that I add later. I hope you find things you can use!


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Books we Love...
Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef (Sharing Nature With Children B)Product Details Product DetailsJellyfish (Heinemann Read and Learn: a Day in the Life: Sea Animals)Sea Turtle (A Day in the Life: Sea Animals) Octopus (A Day in the Life: Sea Animals)Dolphin (A Day in the Life: Sea Animals)Shark (A Day in the Life: Sea Animals)There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!Swimmy (Knopf Children's Paperbacks)Rainbow Fish Big BookA House for Hermit Crab

The Literacy Goods

Fish Bowl Ending Sound Sort

Ocean Jounal

Ocean Scene Sight Word Color Code

The Ocean, Ocean, What do you See? book isn't too complicated to's what I do...
I print the cover for each student on white card stock. All the other pages are copied on white paper. Students color and cut the pages that have dotted lines. Once they put the pages in order, I staple them to the lower half of the cover sheet. It's a unique way to do a book that the kids enjoy!
Ocean, Ocean, What Do You See

ABC Order Crabs

After students use the ABC order crabs, I have them complete the corresponding worksheet. They must write the letters in lowercase form and then color by code.
ABC Order Crab Worksheet

In the Sea Book

Ocean Bubble Map

Ocean Sight Word Find

As always the template for the Sight Word Uno games came from Kelly's Kindergarten.
Sight Word Ocean Uno (color)

Sea Worthy Words Worksheet

The Math Goods

Count by 10's Center Cards

Counting by 10's

Ocean Patterns

Ocean Spinner

Spin, Graph, and Tally Ocean

The Even or Odd Sort has pails that are marked even and odd and the end of the document. If you are all tired of the paper, you can always get small shells and write the numbers on them and buy plastic pails for students to sort them.
Even or Odd Shell Sort

In the Sea Graphing Worksheet

The Fish Bowl Math Game is a game that I use all year, just with different themes. The kids LOVE it!! You will need to make a dice for each group that plays.
Fish Bowl Math Game

Other Goods
This is the student Venn Diagram. I print the pages out on 11x17 paper. Students cut the actual diagram out (on the dotted line) and glue it to a piece of construction paper (12x18). Then color, cut, sort, and glue the animals in their appropriate places.
Land vs. Sea Venn Diagram

We enjoy the Shari Sloane song, Some Children Went to Sea, Sea, Sea. Check out her pdf that goes along with it!

The kids LOVE singing Jack Hartmann's Silly Pirate Song. I bought Pirate eye patches with gold hoop earrings at Walmart for $.25 each. They are easy to clean too!

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