Monday, April 4, 2011

Peep! Peep!

And, so the peeping begins! Today was a very "eggs-iting" day in Room 17! Our chicks began to hatch. Now as most of you know, chick hatching has not been something I have experienced much success with. I am fairly certain that the 4 chicks that hatched last year did not last very long once they were among bigger and stronger chicks. By the way...4 chicks was my 3 year very sad!

This morning at 7:30AM we had one egg with a tiny hole and by 3PM, we had 4 chicks!!! My little Kinder-Hoppers wanted to stand at that incubator every second they could! Our first little Peep was sweetly named "Nugget," because that is what his babysitter calls him. Amazing how Chelsea Handler can suddenly appear in a Kindergarten Classroom. We have 4 chicks and 4 eggs with tiny holes in them. I can only hope that this fertility miracle is a sign for me :-)

I don't have any goodies for you today, just some pictures to share! As always, thank you for reading!!!

This is a picture of our Chick Development Calendar. They counted DAILY!

Here is our Chick Hatch Prediction Chart. As you can see, my hopes were not too high.

This is the giant chick I have next to our incubator once the chicks start to hatch. I bought him last year for 75% off at Pier 1.

 We made these cute little chicks this afternoon. Even though students get all the same size pieces and directions, they all come out looking so different. I LOVE them! I got the idea off of a website last year but have no clue which site. If it's your idea, I will be more than happy to link it up.

Here they are! Not quite dry enough for the brooder yet!

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