Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's all do the Chicken Jive!

I am laying here...day 4 of being sick. I've got bronchitis and a sinus infection, ugh! I can't seem to sleep today, primarily because I can't breathe, but whatevs. 

Without a doubt one of the most exciting and stressful times in my classroom has to be our Chick unit. My first year of doing chicks was to say the least not successful. I really wasn't into it and it turned out that my incubator had a flaw...a crack in the bottom. The last several years, I have been determined to build this unit and get excited for it. I love doing the unit, but as it turns out, I am not a good hen. :-) Last year was my most successful hatch, I believe I had four or five. My chicks were cute, but they were not quite "right".  While most chicks huddle together, mine scattered apart in the brooder. Two of them had something wrong with their bottoms. I loved those chicks, but I knew that once they got to the farm....things would not go well for them. 

The time is here once again. I am no quitter....eventually, I will have a good hatch!! I will let you all know how it goes :-). Here is part of my Farm unit. Thanks for reading! 


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Books we read...
  Product Details Chicken LittleProduct Details Product DetailsProduct Details

I also have the cutest little book that I got from a retiring teacher my first year. I believe it is called 7 Eggs. It ends with each student getting a chocolate egg...their reactions when they make the connection is priceless!

There are actually a ton of books we read because it is really more of an Oviparous Animals unit.

Various Activities
This is a sort for the flannel board. We will complete this as a whole group.
Oviparous and Viviparous Sort

Here is the student edition of the sort. I have students take an 11x18 piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Then students draw a black line down the center. They color, cut, sort, and glue.
Oviparous and Viviparous Sort Student Copy

A silly little easy reader. I know they are corny but my kids love 'em :-)The Little Chicks Book

Egg Rhymes is a simple matching game. There is also a worksheet for students to complete when they have completed the center.
Egg Rhymes

My little "hoppers" love the idea of alien words and this activity really gives them the practice they need with NWF.Earth Words vs Alien Words Chick Sort

Students use these cards for simple matching, ABC order, concentration, or Go Fish. I let them choose how to use them best.Chick Upper to Lower Case Matching Cards

A syllable sort. 1-4 syllable words.
Chicken and Eggs Syllable Sort

I always try to include counters for the kiddos that need them. There are 3 levels. The highest level corresponds with the final counter sheet. For extra help for the struggling students I give them two half sheets of construction paper (like blue and yellow). They put the first number of counters on the blue and the second number of counters on the yellow, and then they add them up. I have found that it really helps them out!Adding Eggs Color Code

I love using Dr. Jean's Country Countdown to practice counting backwards. Here is a worksheet that also helps students with the concept.Chick Countdown Worksheet

We use these number chickens when we dance to Jack Hartmann's Chicken Count. It is one of the funniest things you can watch your kids do...strut like chickens!
Number Chickens

This is a little game we play using plasic eggs. I number six eggs and put one item in each (a bell, a penny or two, a cotton ball, a marble, and a chocolate egg), but you could use whatever you want. Students shake the egg and discuss with their table mates. Then they write their predictions, then we open them.
What's in the egg

That's all for now. I will try to post some pictures as I go through the unit.

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