Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Seuss

Hello all!

Well, I know that March is going to be a difficult month and there is no point to dwelling on things that are beyond my control, right? Time for some Seuss, books that are fun to read and all things nonsensical!

I could spend the time and find the pictures of all the books I read, but we all know...you are here for the goods ;-).

I read all the favorites. I don't do a full on Seuss unit, maybe I will work on it during the summer. For now, here are some activities that I do in my room. Later on this week, I am hoping to post pictures, but I'll be honest, I am not the greatest when it comes to snapping pictures. I'll try though!

As always, I appreciate all the kind words that you all give me. Thanks for reading :)

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I stumble through Fox in Socks and my students giggle all the way through it! The Fox with Socks matching is fairly simple. 
Fox with Socks Number Matching

The Blocks in Socks is an interesting activity. I take six baby socks and number them. I put one attribute block in each sock. Students have to feel the block through the sock and try to draw the shape in the sock on the worksheet. It ties in perfectly with an Everyday Math lesson. The second page of the worksheet is for students to practice tracing and drawing.
Blocks in Socks

The Cat in the Hat...
Cat in the Hat Adding

Hats for the Cat 1-30

One Fish, Two Fish....you are going to need to buy some Goldfish (crackers).
Graphing Goldfish

Adding Goldfish

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